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Building a sustainable farm

Environmentally sound practices have enabled Jake's to maintain their pastures with nutrient rich grass for the animals. Jake's follows a Forest Stewardship Plan to manage their woodlands and encourages new growth that provides cover for wild life, shade for the animals, as well as trees for fire wood. Sound management practices for the fields and the forest help build a foundation for a sustainable farm; one that will be around for many years, for children, grand children, and great-grand children. They are Animal Welfare Approved and raise all of their animals outdoors on pasture without antibiotics and fed a NON-GMO diet. Currently Jake's raises pigs, chickens, turkeys, 100% grass-fed Scottish Highland cows and even two goats on the farm.

Jake's expertise in the pork industry

Jake's specializes in raising heritage breed pigs outside on pasture and in barns with straw and hay for bedding. They have been doing so for over 6 generations on the same farm. They incorporate Berkshire and Duroc into the herd in order to produce the highest quality of meat. The animals always have access to the outdoors and are fed a non-gmo, vegetarian diet without the use of animal by-products. Jake's strives to raise a healthy hog that will in turn provide you with quality meat that is tender and full of flavor.