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Preserving the Great Lakes

Our main goal of Jake's Country Meats is to provide a connection to the food we consume. It seems like the bridge between food production and consumption has been destroyed over the past 20-30 years. We want to build this bridge back up, one connection at a time with honesty, transparency and integrity. Besides the food we raise directly on our farm, we also saw a need for a connection to the fish we eat. And we saw a need for our community to have access to local fish. We live around the freshest, largest bodies of water and we do not utilize the resources within our Lakes as well as we could. The general public should be able to consume fresh and sustainable fish from the Great Lakes. The public should be able to know who caught their fish, when it was caught and where it was caught. We did our research and made the choice to connect with someone who shared the same goal as us, the Biologist of the Great Lakes. He finds the best sources for Great Lakes fish year-round, knows when to eat certain fish and tracks the sustainability of each Lake. We are able to bring our customers the freshest Great Lakes fish and have developed the connection between production and consumption of Great Lakes fish.

Fish Species Omega-3 Fatty Acid Grams/3 oz. serving
Whitefish 3.4
Lake Trout 3.0
Chinook Salmon 1.3
Walleye 0.4
Perch 0.3

Mercury Levels (Lower to Higher)
Lake Trout

For more information about consuming Great Lakes Fish, read this document (PDF). It is great to share with people who want to read some research on the fish!