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We now offer whole hog and half hog bundles! A great way to fill your freezer with high-quality pork. 

Raised on our farm. No Antibiotics. Animal Welfare Approved. Heritage Breeds. NON-GMO. 

Fresh Meats
Pork Chops (2 per pkg. weight .75-1.25#)
Pork Cutlets (2 per pkg. weight around 1#)
Pork Steak (1 or 2 per pkg. weight around 1#)
Boneless Shoulder Roast (netted roast around 2.5-3#)
Boneless loin Roast (around 1.5-3#)
Loin Tenders (boneless loin around 1-2#)
Tenderloin (boneless around .7 to 1.5#)
Fresh Belly (not sliced 1.5-2# portion)
St. Louis Style Ribs (1 slab around 1#-2#, side ribs)
Country Style Ribs (4 thick sections per pkg. avg. wt. 2.5#, loin rib)
Back Ribs (1 rack around 1.5-2#, loin rib)

Naturally Smoked without added Nitrates
Smoked Pork Chops (2 per pkg. avg. wt. 1#)
Bacon (avg. weight .75#)
(Hickory, Raspberry Chipotle, and Applewood)
Cottage Bacon (avg. weight .75-1#, shoulder bacon)
Canadian Bacon (avg. weight .75#, back/loin bacon)
Center Cut Ham Slices (1 per pkg. 1.5-2#, ham steak bone-in)
Smoked Ham Roast (bone-in 9#-11#)
Boneless Smoked Ham Roast (2#-6#)
Boneless Ham Slices (.75#, thin slices)

Sausage without MSG & Gluten-free
Brats (5 links/pkg, 1# pkg)
Jalapeno Brats (5 links/pkg, 1# pkg)
Italian Sausage (5 links/pkg, 1# pkg)
Hot Italian Sausage (5 links/pkg, 1# pkg)
Fresh Kielbasa (5 links/pkg, 1# pkg)
Chorizo (5 links/pkg, 1# pkg)
Breakfast Links (10 per pkg, skinless, avg 1# pkg)
Bulk Breakfast Sausage (1# ground)
Bulk Italian Sausage (1# ground)

Bulk Ground Pork – no seasoning (1# ground)

Ready to eat
BBQ Pork Sticks (8oz, 8 sticks/pkg)
Honey Ham Pork Sticks (8oz, 8 sticks/pkg)
Jalapeno Pork Sticks (8oz, 8 sticks/pkg)

Back Fat or Leaf Fat
Organ Meat
Fresh Hocks
Smoked Hocks

Great Lakes Fish
Flash Frozen Fillets, All sustainably sourced from our Northern Great Lakes
Whitefish (2 fillets/pkg avg 1# pkg, 3.4 grams omega 3s/3oz. serving, most mild fish)
Lake Perch (10-12 fillets/pkg, 1# pkg, mild and best flavor for frying or sautéing, .3 grams omega 3s/3oz. serving)
Catfish (1 fillet/pkg, avg 1# pkg, skinless fillet)
Herring (2 fillets/pkg, avg 1# pkg, 3.6 grams omega 3s/3oz. serving)
Lake Trout (1 fillet/pkg avg 8 oz. pkg, 3.0 grams omega 3s/3oz. serving, buttery fish with a flaky flesh)
Walleye (1 fillet/pkg, avg 1# pkg, .4 grams omega 3s/3oz. serving, great flavored fish)
Salmon (1 fillet/pkg, avg. 1# pkg, Chinook Salmon, 1.3 grams omega 3s/3oz. serving, mild fresh water salmon)

Pure Michigan Maple Syrup
Tapped from trees in Niles, Michigan

Pasture-Raised Chicken
Raised on our farm, No antibiotics, Cornish Cross
Whole Birds (3#-6# each) Half Birds (1.5#-3# each) Breast Wing Quarters (1#-1.25# each) Leg Thigh Quarters (.75#-1# each)

Grass-Fed Beef
Raised on our farm. 100% grass-fed. Scottish Highland Cattle.
wholes, halves, quarters, pieces (email us for more information on the cuts)

Email us at or sign up on our email list to get updated price lists!