The Market Sampler Bundle

The Market Sampler Bundle

Average 18 lbs Total

Enjoy some of the best our farm offers at the farmer's market!

  • 1 pkg Boneless Shoulder Roast (Around 3 lbs ea)

-roast or slow-cook for the best shredded pork

  • 2 pkgs Hickory Bacon (No added nitrates)

-The perfect combination of salt and smoke.

  • 2 pkgs Bulk Pork Sausage (No fillers or MSG)

-A mild sausage perfect for use at breakfast or add to pasta or casserole dinners.

  • 1 pkg Beef Arm Roast (100% grass-fed, around 3 lbs ea)

-A nice and lean roast that is also tender when cooked low and slow.

  • 2 pkgs Whitefish Fillets (Wild-caught, Native to the Great Lakes)

-Whitefish offers us a great way to include healthy fats in our diets. Nice mild taste to suit many tastes.

  • 2 pkgs Half Chicken (1 half per pkg, around 2.5 lbs ea)

-These are great on the grill or roasted in the oven. The perfect size to share with a friend, or feast alone.

  • 1 dozen Eggs (Pasture-raised)

-nature's multi-vitamin, from the pasture to pack these eggs full of nutrients.

  • 1 pkg Salami with Red Wine (Shelf-stable, Dry-aged meats)

-Perfect addition to cheese and crackers, and to dress up the mid-week charcuterie board.