Our Partners

Beyond our own farm, we work with food producers to build the most resilient and trusted local food network.
  • Dairy


    Butter is essential for our kitchen on the farm, and finding a trusted reliable source for high quality butter was a natural step for us. MOO-ville Creamery is a family-owned and operated dairy company located in Nashville, Michigan, focusing on producing high-quality a2a2 milk with minimal processing. 

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  • Eggs


    We introduced pasture-raised eggs to the farmers markets 5 years ago after developing a partnership with a neighboring like-minded farmer. Relying on collaboration to help serve the best tasting eggs for 5 years has been a blessing, and has its challenges with varying supply, and soaring demand during warmer months. To help maintain a consistent supply of eggs, we partner with Hebron Farms in Vandalia, MI and the Hitzfield’s in Roanoke, IN.  Both farmers are dedicated to raising laying hens without the use of antibiotics, feeding non-gmo supplement, and raising the hens on fresh pastures.

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  • Fish


    Over 20 years ago, our family made our farms first connections at the farmers markets.  At that time, we only sold our pasture-raised pork. Slowly, after learning more about people’s needs and wants, we introduced more species to the farm.  But, before the chicken, beef, turkeys, goats, etc. were added - there was fish.  

    Your farmer Nate wanted to find a trusted source for fish that was caught in our surrounding Great Lakes.  From then on, we’ve developed relationships with talented fishermen and women in Michigan including Massey Fish Co. in St. Ignace and Bayport Fish Co. in Saginaw.

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  • Lamb


    Pasture-raised lamb is a great addition to any healthy diet.  We have partnered with Third Day Farm in Indiana to raise these lambs using sustainable farming methods, without the use of antibiotics and outside on pasture.

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  • Spices


    While attending the farmers markets, we make great connections not only with our customers but with other food businesses.  At the markets is where we meet some of the best people and taste some of the best foods.  We connected with Lemaster Family Kitchen while attending the Green City Market in Chicago, IL and fell in love with the high quality and freshness of their spice blends.  

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