Revolutionizing Chick Care: A Peek Inside Our Farm's Brooder Upgrade

Explore our farm's latest blog post to uncover how we're enhancing chick care with our upgraded brooder. From tackling predator challenges to optimizing temperature control, learn how we're prioritizing the well-being of our flock. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey toward sustainable farming practices. Including a great video update from Farmers Renee and Nick.

The Meat Shed: Always Evolving

The Meat Shed means a lot to us, it’s a present picture of where we started, capturing our humble beginnings. A dream, a farm, and a small shed; helping us feed our neighbors, trusting one another, and building connections one day at a time.

Spring Farm Upgrades: Enhancing Life for Our Flock

Join us on the farm as we embark on spring projects aimed at improving the lives of our feathered friends! From upgrading our chicken brooder to plans for mobile hoop houses, follow our journey with exclusive video updates. Stay connected with the story behind the food that nourishes us all.

Winter Work On The Farm

During the colder months, we make preparations for Spring projects on the farm.  This year we will be expanding our acres of woodlands and pastures for our animals. With mild winters, the animal's impact on the ground is heavier without a good freeze.  We need to give our animals more room to roam to allow more time for the rest of their current access.  As the woods and pastures rest, the soil works its magic regenerating new life to welcome more activity and natural fertilization in the future.

Cooking with Your Farmer - Sweet Lou

If you have visited our booth at the La Grange, Elmhurst, or Wilmette farmers markets - you know her well.  Lou Ann is the 6th generation farmer, and 1st generation to trek miles from the farm to sell meat that she produces.   I grew up on her cooking, and never ate a meal I did not enjoy. She earned the endearing name Sweet Lou from one of the best frequent flyers of the market.  So here’s Sweet Lou, working her magic in the kitchen making her finest chili.  She uses simple ingredients, great meat, and plenty of love. Products from the farm featured in the video Bulk Italian sausage: Chicken Bone Broth:

The Great Reveal

Years ago, Farmer Renee beautifully captured the essence of mornings on the farm. Our latest blog revisits these timeless reflections, providing a heartwarming glimpse into the upcoming season. So, grab your favorite warm cuppa, secure a scenic window seat, and let her words transport you to the farm, where nature's magic unfolds with each dawn.

A Science Lesson on the Farm

Join us on the farm as we delve into the curious behaviors of turkeys and their unexpected sanctuary. Renee takes you on a journey through her farm observations, unraveling the fascinating conduct of these feathered companions and the valuable insights they bring.

Adventures in Gardening

Welcome to my gardening adventure! Each year presents its unique set of challenges - weeds, bugs, and unpredictable weather. But this year, I was prepared. We turned old hog water tanks into raised beds, leading to a garden that flourished. However, challenges persisted: aphids, powdery mildew, and more. Join me in sharing the ups and downs of this year's garden journey.