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Our Farm to Your Door

Receive our farm-fresh meats directly at your doorstep. 

Simply choose 'Home Shipping' as your delivery preference. If you've already selected a Default Location you can change that in your Account found here.  

How can I place an order?

  1. Browse Our Store (everything except eggs and syrup ships)
  2. Place your order - enjoy free shipping on orders over $175!
  3. We will pack your order up in an insulated box with ice packs as needed. 
  4. Orders ship out Mondays and Tuesdays, arriving within 2-4 days.
  5. Keep an eye out for your tracking email, followed by a delivery confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you currently ship to?
We are currently shipping nationwide, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
What if I am not home when the order is delivered?
Not a problem. Your order is shipped using an insulated container with cool packs to maintain temperature. Open when you return and place items into the freezer.
When will my order arrive?
Your order will arrive within 2-4 days of the estimated delivery date.
Will I receive tracking information?
Once your order is shipped, you will receive tracking information via email.
Can I recycle the contents of my shipping supplies?
We invested in Green Cell Foam insulated containers which offers convenient and compostable options. 1. Cut the film on Green Cell + and pull out the foam panels. 2. Recycle the film. 3. Once the foam and film are separated, you’re able to dispose of GCF as you choose. You can dissolve in water, either in your sink or it dissolves in seawater or freshwater. You can compost in any residential or commercial compost facility. The bio-based packaging foam will decompose in 60 days or less when in a moist soil environment. The cool packs are not compostable at this time.
Is there an order minimum for shipping?
Our order minimum is $75.00. This will help fill the box and keep everything inside your insulated container safe and frozen.
How much does shipping cost?
Every order over $175.00 qualifies for free shipping. Any order under $175.00 is estimated at $3.00/lb for shipping.
How often do you ship?
Weekly, every Monday.



So, on my second order since I'd been more than pleased and surprised with my first, I thought, let's try something different. So, I ordered lake perch which is a "good tell" about who is concerned about quality and who isn't from online ordering sites. Wow, I'm shocked and blown away. Talk about fresh... it was like I went fishing, gutted, filet my own catch, and fried it up the same day.
New Customer - West Michigan New Customer - West Michigan