A place where the people, animals, and land work together.

Since the 1870’s, we have been working the land for seven generations in Cass County, Michigan. Spread over our homestead plus acres of pastures and woodlands, we employ environmentally sound management practices for the fields and forest that help build the foundation for a sustainable farm. Our farm raises pastured pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats and cattle following strict standards to produce the best tasting, nourishing, nutrient-dense foods. 

Heritage Breeds

We have preserved our genetics for over 40 years to raise an animal that thrives living in the outdoors. Our breeds promote quality fat cover and hearty instincts to protect their own and each other. The meats are full flavored and nutrient-dense due to the preserved breeds and natural environment.

Certified Grass-fed

When we say 100% grass-fed, we mean it. Our cattle will only eat grass from start-to-finish. We are audited once per year by A Greener World Organization to certify our cattle marketed through our meat business. https://youtu.be/ERDEHveLxxQ

Non-GMO Fed

The great debate between non-gmo and gmo is always muddled with mis-information. In anyway, our farm's choice to switch happened years ago, and was simple. We changed to non-gmo because it was a high concern for our customers. We have noticed an overall change in our animals health after the switch. Our pigs and chickens enjoy the non-gmo supplement in their diets, along with foraging the pastures.

No Antibiotics

We have not needed to use an antibiotic on our farm for over 20 years. Instead, we give our animals plenty of space to roam the pastures, fresh food, and clean water. We also rotate pastures in order to let them rest and rid themselves of any harmful bacteria. We have a closed herd system to help eliminate the spread of diseases.

Pasture Management

Our farm's goal is to work with nature to regenerate life on the land. We work to create a place that is better for each generation of farmer. Our animals are rotated regularly throughout the pastures to encourage natural fertilization, growth maintenance, rest, and renewal.

RNA/MRNA Vaccines

None of our animals are treated using RNA technologies.