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We do not use antibiotics when raising our animals. We instead use

management skills to treat and prevent illnesses by giving them plenty

of space to roam, rotating and moving our herds to different pastures,

letting the pastures rest to regenerate and rid the land of any harmful

bugs, vaccinations, clean water, and dry, clean bedding when needed


If we offer a supplement diet beyond the ability to forage, we

grind all of our own feed from grains that have not been genetically



All of our animals are raised outdoors and given the ability to live in their natural habitat.

Farmers You Know

Knowing the farmers who produce the food you eat, allows you to make informed decisions that directly affect your health, the ecosystem, and local community.

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Quality You Trust

The quality of food you eat correlates to the quality of care needed for production. We at Jake’s will always lead with this in mind, whether it comes to the taste of the meat on your plate, or the highest humane standards we implement while raising animals on our farm. We believe each detail matters when creating life-sustaining products for you.

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"I grew up on a small farm downstate. We raised hogs, chickens, beef, and all of our own vegetables. In the fall, when the hogs were butchered, the first dish cooked with the fresh meat was neck bones simmered in sauerkraut and sliced onions, adding either caraway seeds or juniper berries. The seeds or berries add subtle flavors that take the dish from bland to perfect. Potato pancakes with sauteed apples were served as a side. My cooking friends have never had kraut with neck bones, although all eat both sauerkraut and pork. So, social distancing in place, I plan to share a childhood memory this weekend."
Caitlin Aine, Lincoln Park, IL Caitlin Aine, Lincoln Park, IL
Your turkey was great. I'd even say it was the best one that we've ever gotten from you. :) See you at the market in the spring and maybe at one of the other drop offs in the winter.
Tony Adler, Downers Grove Tony Adler, Downers Grove
The bone in pork loin roast was delicious! Very flavorful, tender and juicy. I would definitely buy again. I’m glad you have it available.
Susan Kirkpatrick, Downers Grove Susan Kirkpatrick, Downers Grove
What a treat to cut a half hog in my home, this has always been something my husband and I have wanted to do. It worked out really well, my old skills came back to me without much mess or stress. I was able to break down most of the half in the window of my son's nap this afternoon, it felt like everything went our way today. A big thing to share is that the pork is just beautiful. I still don't know what breed you raise, is it berkshire? I felt honored to cut such a nicely processed side. There were times at the shop where the hogs would come in bloody and broken. Handling the side assured me whoever does your processing, really cares and takes pride in their work. Driving to the farm today was gorgeous as well, and a relaxing break from being with my toddler all day. All and all it was really meaningful for me to see where the pigs spend their time. The farm is impressive, it's so cool how many communities the farm serves! Looking forward to the next side in spring, we are curious to see how long this 85 pounds lasts.
Erin Stanley, Indiana Erin Stanley, Indiana

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