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Our hams come in a variety of styles and sizes, so whether you are feeding a small family or a large group, we have the perfect one for you.

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It all starts at the farm. Our animals are raised to the highest standards, creating quality meats you trust.

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Browse through our ever growing selection of pasture-raised meats and more.

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Pick-up at the farm, farmers markets, or meat drops in various locations. With multiple options, we make it easy for everyone.

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Our family has been working the land for seven generations, sustaining into the future through transparency and direct connections. Our farm is open to you. We are committed to becoming your farmer to rely on to raise meats you can trust.

Quality You Trust

This is the most important part of our farming journey - to produce food we love, trust, and makes us proud. We preserve heritage breed genetics in order to promote superior flavor and fat content throughout our meats. The ingredients are clean. The taste is unmatched.

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Hear from friends of the farm!

You ruined store bought pork for me :) Good morning. I found your pork at Pure Pastures in Plymouth and decided to give it a try. One Easter ham, four packages of bacon, and countless pounds of ground pork and sausage links later, and i'm hooked. I'm literally going through my freezer today and giving away the store bought pork we have because it just doesn't taste as good. It's awful really. You ruined cheap store bought pork for me. lol Thanks for all that you do. My family and I really appreciate all that you guys do at Jake's country meats.
Happy Customer - Plymouth, MI Happy Customer - Plymouth, MI
We have been purchasing Jake's products for several years, and it is always consistent. Everything is bar none. Their spicy Italian sausage is king in my Italian kitchen. We've purchased sausage from the best mom & pop Italian delis around the city, and Jake's beats them all. The hickory bacon is so good. So is the chicken. Truly quality.
Carlotta Caracci Carlotta Caracci
Love Jake's country store. The pork is so delicious. Everything we have tried has been so flavorful. Smoked chops, bacon, brats, sausage patties bulk are so tasty that once you taste it you will never go back to grocery store brands. And it's grown and processed right here in the area.
Beth Brooks, Local Guide Beth Brooks, Local Guide
Your turkey was great. I'd even say it was the best one that we've ever gotten from you. :) See you at the market in the spring and maybe at one of the other drop offs in the winter.
Tony Adler, Downers Grove Tony Adler, Downers Grove
The bone in pork loin roast was delicious! Very flavorful, tender and juicy. I would definitely buy again. I’m glad you have it available.
Susan Kirkpatrick, Downers Grove Susan Kirkpatrick, Downers Grove
I have bought products from Jake's country meats for several years. It would be hard to pin down just one product that is my favorite, so I won't do that. I will say that I have almost never been disappointed in any product. The smoked meats have just the right balance of salt and smoke, fresh meats are just that -- fresh and tasty. You can even get recipes that give great ideas for using these products. Nate and LouAnn, and their family are wonderful people to know.
Michael Huber, IL Michael Huber, IL
"I grew up on a small farm downstate. We raised hogs, chickens, beef, and all of our own vegetables. In the fall, when the hogs were butchered, the first dish cooked with the fresh meat was neck bones simmered in sauerkraut and sliced onions, adding either caraway seeds or juniper berries. The seeds or berries add subtle flavors that take the dish from bland to perfect. Potato pancakes with sauteed apples were served as a side. My cooking friends have never had kraut with neck bones, although all eat both sauerkraut and pork. So, social distancing in place, I plan to share a childhood memory this weekend."
Caitlin Aine, Lincoln Park, IL Caitlin Aine, Lincoln Park, IL
I have been a Jake’s customer for about ten years, and really appreciate the quality of their products and the variety too! Our favorite over the years has been the brats and bacon, and the porkchops. We especially like that Jake’s animals eat in a natural setting, without GMO feed. That is very important to us.
Patty Richmond - St. Joseph, MI Patty Richmond - St. Joseph, MI
What a treat to cut a half hog in my home, this has always been something my husband and I have wanted to do. It worked out really well, my old skills came back to me without much mess or stress. I was able to break down most of the half in the window of my son's nap this afternoon, it felt like everything went our way today. A big thing to share is that the pork is just beautiful. I still don't know what breed you raise, is it berkshire? I felt honored to cut such a nicely processed side. There were times at the shop where the hogs would come in bloody and broken. Handling the side assured me whoever does your processing, really cares and takes pride in their work. Driving to the farm today was gorgeous as well, and a relaxing break from being with my toddler all day. All and all it was really meaningful for me to see where the pigs spend their time. The farm is impressive, it's so cool how many communities the farm serves! Looking forward to the next side in spring, we are curious to see how long this 85 pounds lasts.
Erin Stanley, Indiana Erin Stanley, Indiana

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Visit our Farm - See the difference. Watch the animals roam the pastures, see our farmers working the land, grinding the feed, tending to the animals. Take in the beauty of a regenerative farm.

The Meat Shed - open everyday at the farm, 10am-7pm. Self-serve. Cash, checks, or credit cards accepted.

Pre-order and Pick-up At The Farm - Wednesdays and Fridays, or by appointment.

Farmers Markets - Find us at several farmers markets throughout MI and IL.

Meat Drops - We have multiple pick-up locations throughout MI, IN and IL.

Shipping - We do offer shipping! If interested, place an order for pick-up at the farm and leave your shipping address in the order comment section.