Smoked Meats

Smoked over hickory wood, using clean ingredients to bring the best flavor out of the meats. The smoke is subtle, while the meat's quality speak volumes.

Chicken - Smoked Whole Chicken

1 per pkg / 2# average

Pork Chops - Smoked - Boneless

2 per package, 1-1.5 lbs, Final Weight Varies

10 Packs of Hickory Bacon Ends

12 ounces each package, 7.5 lbs total bundle weight

5 Packs of Applewood Bacon Ends

12 ounces each package, 3.75 lbs total bundle weight

Pork Chops - Smoked

2 per package, 1-2 lbs, Final Weight Varies

Ham Slice - Bone-in - Center Cut

Average 2-3 lbs - Final Weight Varies