Heritage Breeds

We have preserved our genetics for over 40 years to raise an animal that thrives living in the outdoors. Our breeds promote quality fat cover and hearty instincts to protect their own and each other. The meats are full flavored and nutrient-dense due to the preserved breeds and natural environment.

1/2 Hog Bundle

Average 50 lbs Total - Final Weight and Total Vary

Beef Kabob Meat

1.5-2.00# pkg

Beef Kidney

1 per pkg - 1-1.25#

Beef Shanks

Average 2-3 lb - Final Weight Varies

Beef Soup Bones

Average 1-2 lb - Final Weight Varies

Beef Suet

.75-1# per pkg

T-Bone Steak

1 lb per pkg - final weight varies

The Sampler Bundle

Average 16 lbs, Save $46.00