Grass-fed Beef Bundle - Quarter ($7.50#) - Deposit

Grass-fed Beef Bundle - Quarter ($7.50#) - Deposit

100-125lbs - Final Weight Varies

We are proud to offer 100% Grass-fed beef from our friend and neighbor, Israel Yoder. Israel owns and operates a custom butcher shop in Three Rivers, MI - Bullseye Marketplace - in addition to raising cattle. (More info about the cattle below.)

A Quarter Bundle will include 100-125# of beef. Beef will come packaged and frozen, ready for your freezer. Your $100 deposit will secure your bundle. Once we have the final weight the price will be $7.50/# of packaged beef.

If you are paying with a credit card we will charge the $100 deposit now and contact you once we have the final price. If you want to pay at pick-up please contact us directly to pay the deposit so we can reserve your bundle.

Please note: Because of the time needed to process beef, bundles ordered in January will be available at the February Meat Drop. Bundles ordered in February will be available at the March Meat Drop. If you want to pick-up at the farm we will contact you to schedule a pick-up.

The bundle will include a mix of the following -

  • Chuck Roast
  • Arm Roast
  • Ribeye Steak
  • Short Ribs
  • T-bone
  • Porterhouse
  • Top Sirloin
  • Round Steak
  • Rump Roast
  • Stew Meat
  • Skirt Steak
  • Flank Steak
  • Beef Shanks
  • Brisket
  • Soup Bones
  • Beef Bones
  • Ground Beef (1# Packages)

On average 40# of beef would fill a large grocery bag, or 1 cubit foot.

From Israel:

Our Grass-Fed Cattle are a unique mix of the well-known American Angus, the free and wild Texas Longhorn, and the mellow Murray Gray. Our cattle are pastured 365 days a year. In the winter their diet is supplemented 100% with hay that we raise on our own farms. Our cattle naturally mature over about 24 months compared to as low as 16 months for commercially grown beef utilizing drugs and calorie dense grains. We are in no hurry – slower growth means higher quality beef that is rich in protein, iron, zinc, and a host of other nutrients that contribute greatly to a healthy lifestyle.

Breed: Murray Gray/Angus/Longhorn Cross

Feed: Grass/Hay from start-to-finish, no grain.

Antibiotic Free

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