Bulk Pork Sausage

Bulk Pork Sausage

1 lb

Each package contains 1 pound of ground Pork Sausage (Breakfast Sausage).

  • NO MSG

Savor the flavor of Jake's Bulk Pork Sausage, a beloved classic also known as Breakfast Sausage, that elevates your meals. Crafted from premium cuts of our pasture-raised pork, our Bulk Pork Sausage delivers the quintessential breakfast sausage flavor with a mouthwatering blend of savory seasonings. This versatile choice guarantees a comforting and satisfying taste without any MSG or fillers. (It also comes in Links and Patties)


Cooking Tips:

  • Perfect for Breakfast: Start your day with a comforting classic—Biscuits and Sausage Gravy made with our flavorful Breakfast Sausage.
  • Versatile Ingredient: Beyond breakfast, this sausage shines in various recipes, lending its rich flavor to dishes like pasta, quiches, and stuffing.

Recipe Ideas:

  1. Biscuits and Sausage Gravy: Brown the Bulk Pork Sausage and prepare a creamy sausage gravy. Serve this hearty topping over freshly baked biscuits for an iconic Southern breakfast.
  2. Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms: Combine cooked sausage with cream cheese and spinach, then stuff the mixture into mushroom caps and bake for an appetizer that's bursting with flavor.
  3. Sausage and Cheese Quiche: Create a delectable quiche by blending cooked sausage, cheese, eggs, and your favorite vegetables in a pie crust. Bake until golden brown for a savory brunch treat.
  4. Sausage and Pasta Alfredo: Cook the sausage and toss it with cooked pasta and a creamy Alfredo sauce for a comforting and satisfying dinner.

Jake's Bulk Pork Sausage, or Breakfast Sausage, is a versatile ingredient that brings the classic taste of breakfast to your recipes and beyond. Order now and savor its deliciousness in your favorite dishes.



Pork, Water, Salt, Spices, Sugar