Kitchen Staples Bundle

Kitchen Staples Bundle

Average 19 lbs, Save $32
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The Kitchen Staples bundle is a great way to always have the best ingredients on hand for your weekly needs.

  • 2 pkgs Bulk Pork Sausage (no fillers or MSG)

-for breakfast, meatballs, or casseroles

  • 2 pkgs Hickory Bacon (no added nitrates)

-bacon for breakfast, bacon for dinner, bacon all day.

  • 2 pkgs Pork Tenders (2 per packages)

-Boneless loin perfect for any occasion, cooks quickly.

  • 1 pkg Boneless Shoulder Roast

-The perfect roast to throw into your crock pot, shred and use all week long.

  • 2 pkgs Half Chickens (around 1.5 lbs ea)

-roast, or slow cook one, and use your inst-pot for shredded chicken for the other

  • 1 pkgs Beef Bones

-makes the best tasting stock you've ever had

  • 2 dozen Eggs (pasture-raised)

-best way to start your day full of nutrients, and/or packed with flavor for your baked goods

  • 1 pkg Spices (Rub it Right)

-This blend is great on any chicken or pork.

  • 1 pint maple syrup

-This syrup is the real deal, tapped from Maple trees within 2 miles of our farm.

  • 1 lb butter

-Butter locally made and trusted by Mooville Creamery in Michigan.

When you buy this bundle, you save 20%, a total of $32!