Pork Steak

Pork Steak

1 per package

Each package contains 1 steak, averaging 16 oz total, vacuum-sealed for perfect freshness.


Pork Steak

Delve into the rich flavors of our Pork Steak, also known as Blade Steak or Farmer's Steak. Cut from the shoulder, this bone-in cut is celebrated for its great marbling and exceptional flavor. The marbling not only infuses each bite with taste but also ensures a tender and juicy experience. Ideal for connoisseurs of fine pork, our Pork Steak stands out as a flavorful choice, reflecting our dedication to high-quality, pasture-raised pork.


Cooking Tips:

  1. Grilling: Grill over medium heat, allowing the fat to render for even cooking and a tender result. 
  2. Pan Searing: Season well and sear in a hot skillet, cooking to a golden crust on each side.
  3. Braising: After searing, braise in a flavorful broth for a slow-cooked, tender finish.

Recipe Ideas:

  1. BBQ Pork Steak: Grill, then slather with BBQ sauce for a classic, American-style dish.
  2. Herb and Onion Pork Steak: Rub with herbs and serve with a homemade onion gravy.
  3. Honey-Chili Pork Steak: Create a sweet and spicy glaze with honey and chili for a unique flavor profile.
  4. Garlic-Rosemary Pork Steak: Marinate in garlic and rosemary, then cook to your preference for an aromatic treat.

Our Pork Steak is not just a cut of meat; it's a culinary delight, perfect for a range of flavorful meals.