Smoked Salmon Fillets

Smoked Salmon Fillets

1# average

Each package contains 1 fillet, vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness.

  • NO MSG

Smoked Salmon Fillets

Enjoy the rich and savory flavor of our Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets. These delicately hot smoked fillets offer a moist, flaky texture and a deeper taste compared to cold-smoked varieties. Ideal for various culinary uses, they are fully cooked and ready to enhance any meal, from simple breakfasts to elegant dinners.

Cooking Tips:

  1. Enjoy As Is: Since the salmon is fully cooked through the hot smoking process, it can be enjoyed right out of the package.
  2. Gently Reheat: If preferred warm, gently reheat the fillets in a low-temperature oven or in a pan over low heat to retain their moisture and flavor.
  3. Cold Applications: The fillets can also be flaked and added cold to salads, pastas, or spreads.

Recipe Suggestions:

  1. Cream Cheese Bagels with Salmon: Top a toasted bagel with cream cheese, flaked salmon, capers, and red onion for a delightful breakfast or brunch.
  2. Elegant Salmon Pasta: Mix cooked pasta with flaked salmon, cream, lemon zest, and dill for a quick and elegant dish.
  3. Fresh Greens and Salmon Salad: Combine greens, cucumber, avocado, and salmon flakes with a simple vinaigrette for a nutritious salad.
  4. Luxurious Scrambled Eggs: Enhance scrambled eggs with salmon, chives, and a bit of cream cheese for a rich breakfast option.

These recipes highlight the versatility and rich flavor of our Hot Smoked Salmon Fillets, perfect for a range of delicious meals.