Spanish Chorizo

Spanish Chorizo

8 ounces

Each package contains 2 links, vacuum-sealed to lock in freshness.

  • NO MSG

Savor the bold and robust flavors of our Spanish Chorizo. This charcuterie staple, fully cooked and shelf-stable, is a ready-to-eat delight. Spanish Chorizo is known for its deep, smoky flavor and a hint of spiciness, thanks to the traditional Spanish paprika used in its preparation. Its firm texture and rich taste make it an excellent addition to a variety of dishes or as a stand-alone snack.


Serving Tips:

  1. Enjoy As Is: Slice and serve as part of a charcuterie board or as a quick, flavorful snack.
  2. With Cheese and Bread: Pair with cheeses and crusty bread for a simple yet satisfying meal.
  3. In Cooking: Dice and add to paellas, stews, or scrambled eggs for added flavor.

Recipe Suggestions:

  1. Tapas Style Chorizo: Serve sliced chorizo with olives, cheese, and crusty bread for authentic Spanish tapas.
  2. Chorizo and Bean Stew: Add to a hearty bean stew for a smoky, spicy kick.
  3. Eggs with Chorizo: Enhance scrambled eggs or an omelet with diced chorizo for a flavorful breakfast.

Spanish Chorizo is a versatile and flavorful addition to any meal, perfect for those who appreciate the rich tastes of Spanish cuisine.