Ultimate Sausage Sampler

Ultimate Sausage Sampler

6 varieties of our famous sausages - SAVE $$

Full Variety of Sausages & Savings!

Makes a great gift for any sausage lover

  • NO MSG

Take a culinary tour with our "Ultimate Sausage Sampler," featuring a wide range of our famous sausages. This collection is a celebration of diverse flavors and styles, ideal for sausage enthusiasts or anyone looking to add some excitement to their meals.

Inside the "Ultimate Sausage Sampler," you'll find:

  • 2 Packages Mettwurst: A delectable German specialty, fully cooked and smoked, perfect for a robust and satisfying meal.
  • 2 Packages Jalapeno Brats: These brats pack a spicy punch with a hint of jalapeno heat.
  • 2 Packages Kielbasa: Fresh and flavorful, this Polish favorite is a versatile addition to any meal.
  • 2 Packages Smoked Bacon Cheese Brats: Fully cooked and ready to enjoy, this elevated hot dog is a fun twist on a classic favorite.
  • 2 Packages Chorizo Links: Full flavored, they bring the zest of Mexican cuisine to your table.
  • 2 Packages Hot Links: For spice lovers, these links add an exciting heat to your dishes.

Whether it's for grilling, a cozy dinner, or a lively gathering, the "Ultimate Sausage Sampler" offers something for every taste. Dive into this world of delicious sausages and find your new go-to favorites!