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May 13, 2021

A couple weeks ago we dealt with some freezing temperatures on the farm, and were concerned of frost damage on our fruit blossoms. We are happy to report minimal damage on our trees as of today and are looking forward to stocking the farm market with our own fruit in the future.

We are also prepping our pastures for the first round of chickens to forage the ground this year. Our new chicken tractors are built to keep our animals shaded and protected during inclement weather conditions, as well as provide a level of comfort for us as their caretakers.

Last year, our chicken set-up required us to crawl underneath the structure in order to complete our chores. With a decent height built into our chicken tractors, it will eliminate the need to crawl around, allowing us to stand upright while completing our tasks. This will encourage us to do our very best at caring for our flock.

The new tractors are also portable and will be moved to fresh pasture daily. Each tractor should supply enough shade, food, water, and comfort for around 300 chicks.

Why do we spend so much time figuring different ways to raise birds outdoors? Giving our chickens the ability to act as naturally as possible foraging for fresh bugs and grass during their lives is better for the chick, for us, and the land. The chickens really do enjoy the fresh grass and are curious animals if given the ability to roam. We enjoy caring for animals while working outdoors; the great outdoors eliminates any need for ventilation systems for strong odors, and gives us the ability to soak up our vitamin D for the day. The land also benefits from the chicken manure, as it provides an excellent fertilizer for our grasslands, encouraging healthy soil beneath the surface.

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