Getting ready for market season!

May 5, 2023

We have been preparing for our first outdoor farmers markets of the season.  First, our trucks go through tune-ups and clean-ups. After venturing to our local mechanic, we clean the insides of the cabs, paying attention to the fine details.  One by one, we eventually make our way through our fine fleet.

We carefully store all of our supplies in the Winter to alleviate the challenge of finding everything we need again in the Spring. Once the supplies are brought out of storage, we make our way through several checklists.  

Generator? Check. Signs? Check. Scissors? Check.


We’ve traveled for years to farmers markets and have found ourselves in dire need of a zip-tie, duct tape, or even extra pants.  This has developed quite the list of necessities to help with both the typical and unpredictable situations faced while on the road.  If you are reading this and a fellow vendor at one of our markets, if you find yourself missing something during set-up?  Look for the black and white pig.  

After our supplies are ready for retail, we then venture to the best part - the meat.  We custom design each freezer by cutting dividers to the size of our products.  If we ever add any products to the mix, it can present quite a challenge to our craft.  

This year we have added around 10 new products. It is our biggest roll-out to date!  Therefore, designing the freezers took plenty of time and frustration to complete.

Once the freezer dividers are created, it’s time to fill them up, up, up, all the way to the top. We stock all of our trucks with all the hope in the world for incredibly eager crowds.  You just have to dream big!

We are now pumped to finally say, we are ready for the first round of farmers markets.  It’s time to meet new people.  It’s time to connect with those we’ve missed chatting with in person.  It’s time to get overly excited again about great food, great farmers, and great people!!  


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