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January 18, 2023

Article written by Deborah Rieth - Three Oaks, MI

"A cold rain accompanied me on the drive through Michigan’s sweeping Cass County farmland. As the skies began to clear near Cassopolis, a substantial farmstead came into view, complete with a huge red barn and a farmhouse under the watchful guard of old-growth trees and an old-growth dog.

The door to the house swung open and there stood Nate Robinson, sixth generation steward of this family-owned farm that has been in existence since 1870. I was warmed not only by Nate’s welcome, but by the smiles of his wife (Lou Ann) and daughter (Renee), who twirled their chairs away from their computer screens and offered me a chair in their farm office—the headquarters of Jake’s Country Meats."

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Renee Robinson-Seelye

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