Keeping Your Favorites in Stock: A Farm Update

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May 7, 2024

Have you noticed some of your favorite poultry items are temporarily out of stock, like boneless skinless chicken breasts, whole chickens, and ground chicken? Here's why: In Southwest Michigan, we raise our chickens on pasture from April through October, aligning with our region's climate. When we run out in the winter that means we must wait until the warmer months to replenish our freezers. But don't worry, boneless skinless breasts and ground chicken will be back in stock by the end of May!

Expanding Our Flock 

This winter, we focused on creating a plan to expand our poultry flock to ensure a consistent supply of your favorite poultry items year-round. We're making careful investments in our farm's infrastructure, including upgrades to the chicken brooder, and mobile hoop houses for the pastures. Check out the building process in our latest farm video! 

Tackling Challenges Head-On

Previously, our chickens roamed our pastures under mobile shades, providing shelter from the elements, but lacked protection from predators like hawks and eagles. We also fed the chickens daily by the bucket-full, making for long hot days of chicken chores. With the mobile hoop houses, we're addressing these challenges while expanding our flock size responsibly. The feed and waterers are automated, giving us more time to devote to moving the birds daily through the pasture, building the soil's health along the way.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Our responsibility as your farmer is not taken lightly. We will continue to improve your food supply while we work together, with the land and animals.

Our online store's inventory is kept up-to-date for your convenience. Take a look to see what's available now!

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Describe Your Perfect Spring Day...

The sun shines as the morning dew bathes the blades of grass, some just barely making their way through the soil, while others stand tall after a nice long rest. After thanking the good Lord for this beautiful day, I put on my favorite oversized sweatshirt and smoothly lined rain boots and holler, “kids, let’s go! It’s time for a walk.” I hear their feet leap off the floor, return with a stomp, without pause or hesitation; they recognize the eagerness to feel and see the season. Adventures begin as the swinging door slams behind the youngest who has no time to lose. We trek down the sandy lane leading to fields of glory. The chickens’ and cattle’s noses touch the ground as they walk the green grass, while a mamma sow nurses its young under shelter.  Day old piglets grunt, and we breathe in the air surrounding fresh straw and new life. The kids yell, “see you later!” and beg to take a ride to the woods. My husband, lifts a child to his chest while straddling the four-wheeler, and I corral the remaining toward the side-by-side, all while the littlest pats my thigh asking three times in a row, “can we go on a bye-bye side ride?!” My husband and I discuss the best route, building anticipation for the journey, and we ride. Once the vehicles park, we walk off the beaten path; I watch eyes follow the tree where it meets the earth, to where it touches the sky.  We listen to the birds calling our name, and wonder. Treasures are found, bright small flowers and small muted mushrooms. I watch our kids swing on heavy branches, while chatting about nothing at all. Our time in the woods ends with a fast ride, wind blowing all our troubles away. Near home, we play in the sand box and on the court.  A competitive game of one on one is enjoyed while young spectators shout rules that don’t make sense.  We play until our stomachs grumble. My husband and I craft a dinner that feels, smells, and tastes exactly like Spring - smoky barbeque chicken, smashed cream cheese tators, and crispy morel mushrooms.  The day is settled with a piping hot cup of tea, steeped from freshly picked treasures of the land, while again I thank my Savior for all our blessings. Spring is here on the farm, and we are present.