Mud Season

March 16, 2023

Winter is quickly turning into mud season on the farm. The weather has been challenging on the animals and the land. One day it snows, then it rains, changing from morning to night.

Keeping the animals’ environment dry is a constant chore. Our crew is busy stashing fresh straw within the shelters daily.

Since the ground temperature is inconsistent, water pools and starts to flow as if Spring is here. But the air is still frigid, reminding us that Spring is not ready.


It’s challenging for us as farmers to adjust to the new normal. Challenging to work in the rain without creating a high impact on the land.

Before my parents moved to this land, it was formerly known as Washaway Acres. They worked hard to repair it over time with help from animal impact, conservation advisors, and excavating experts.

Despite the delicate and diligent care of this land over the years, washouts in our driving lanes are a constant battle. We understand that ground cover, especially on hills, is key to retaining moisture in the soil to prevent erosion.

We yearn to plant seeds. We yearn to watch the land regenerate in troublesome areas. However, today and right now, we must somehow find rest in the mud.


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