Planning Season

March 16, 2021

Our team has been in planning mode these past couple months. When the winter settles in, and the snow covers the land, we all take moments to reflect and forecast. After an unsettling 2020, when everyone’s plans shattered overnight, it made this year’s planning meeting more fluid and open-minded. It’s great to have goals, and even better to have steps to take in order to accomplish them; however, it’s also a success when you can maneuver naturally along with what life brings us all. 

Everything changed in terms of food, job, health, and social security. So much so, that we all are still learning about the implications of the pandemic. I recently met with a friend of mine who works within the Foster care system, and learned more about the struggles the pandemic has brought to children, home placement strategies, and adoptions. It was surprising how much impact shutdowns affected family structures, and children’s livelihoods. Many times we can get wrapped up into our own lives so much that we don’t even realize different circumstances people are facing throughout the world. 

Despite feelings of insecurity and even sadness at times, the most overwhelming emotion that we’ve experienced as a farming family is gratitude. We are thankful you hung in there with us through an uneasy year, and fueled our ability to sustain into the next. You are integral in creating a better, more resilient food chain which is going to be imperative moving forward in this world. This year, 2021, we have set some big goals. We want to focus on creating easier access to local food that heals the land, encourage farming families to attain a living wage, invite more families to our farm, share our story in unique and thoughtful ways, create a consistent and valuable work environment, all while producing the best tasting food in the area. However, if all of our plans become derailed, we pray for security in knowing people like you care about the food you eat, and the story connecting the process between farm to food. We plan to keep moving forward with you and look forward to green grass and the beginnings of Spring! 2021 is looking good.

Renee Robinson-Seelye

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