The Great Reveal

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October 20, 2023

The great reveal as morning comes, when you look out the window and the nightfall lifts the curtain.
The rooster introduces the show with an impressive first act, song and dance atop the narrowing hay elevator.
The cows pay no attention to all the chatter, as they march to the beat of their own drum. It’s too early to graze and the dew still sets atop the blades of grass surrounding.
The goats never sleep and have climbed their second tree of the day, but a sour stomach slows them, as they search for the next mulberry tree in their path to sooth the aches.
Piglets, hundreds of piglets have already ran up and down their mother’s backs eager to explore the earth with their great snout.
Natures pure elegance shifts as a purr ignites and pierces the sound-waves.
A bearded face strolls through the sandy paths atop four wheels. He kneels next to the pools and clutches a hand within the crisp cool water to stir the muck. He collects any bodies that have fell under the heavy night sky; mourns, reflects, and moves onto the next home.
Food stirs a frenzy and comforts a multitude.  
The constant meandering continues until the curtain calls, and daylight surrenders; until the next great reveal.


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