No Added Nitrates

We offer a full line of smoked meats that are free from sodium nitrates added. Instead, we use a natural cure of celery and beets.

Boneless Pork Trim

25 lbs Per Case

Cottage Bacon

12 ounces

Eye of Loin Pork Roast - Boneless

1 per pkg, 3-4 lbs each

Ground Lamb

16 oz. per package

Ham Slice - Bone-in - Center Cut

Average 2-3 lbs - Final Weight Varies

Hickory Bacon

12 ounces

Jowl Bacon

12 ounces

Kitchen Staples Bundle

Average 19 lbs, Save $32

Loin Roast - 8 Bone-in

1 per package - 5-6#