All of our animals are raised outdoors and given the ability to live in their natural habitat. Our farm's goal is to work with nature to regenerate life on the land. We work to create a place that is better for each generation of farmer. Our animals are rotated regularly throughout the pastures to encourage natural fertilization, growth maintenance, rest, and renewal.

Pork Belly Sliced

12 oz. package

Pork Chops - Center-Cut

2 per package, 1.25 lbs Average - Final Weight Varies

Pork Chops - Porterhouse

2 per package, 1.5 lbs Average - Final Weight Varies

Ribs - Baby Back Ribs

1 per package -2-3lbs average

Whole Hog Goods - Pig Ears

Average 1/2 lb per package - Final Weight Varies