All of our animals are raised outdoors and given the ability to live in their natural habitat. Our farm's goal is to work with nature to regenerate life on the land. We work to create a place that is better for each generation of farmer. Our animals are rotated regularly throughout the pastures to encourage natural fertilization, growth maintenance, rest, and renewal.

Hickory Bacon

12 ounces

Honey Ham Pork Sticks

4 sticks per package - 4 ounces

Jowl Bacon

12 ounces

Kitchen Staples Bundle

Average 19 lbs, Save $32

Lamb Chops

2 chops per package

Lamb Leg Steaks

2 steaks per package, 1.25 lbs per package

Lamb Ribs

2.5 lbs each rack

Lamb Shank

8 oz. per package

Lamb Shoulder Roast

1 roast per package, 1.5 lbs each

Lamb Shoulder Steaks

2 steaks per package, 1 lb per package

Lamb Stew Meat

1 lb per package

Leaf Fat

2-3 pounds

Leg of Lamb Roast

1 Leg per package

Loin Roast - 8 Bone-in

1 per package - 5-6#

New York Strip Steak

.35# each package, 1 per pkg

Non-GMO Beef Quarter Bundle

Average 135 lbs Total


8 ounces

Pig Ears

Average 1/2 lb per package - Final Weight Varies

Pig Tongue

Average 1lb - Final Weights Vary

Pork Belly - Small

1 per package

Pork Belly - Whole

1 per package - 8-10#

Pork Belly Sliced

12 oz. package

Pork Butt Roast - Bone-in

Average 8-10 lbs lbs each roast

Pork Chops - Boneless

2 per package, 1-1.5 lbs - Final Weight Varies