The great debate between non-gmo and gmo is always muddled with mis-information. In anyway, our farm's choice to switch happened years ago, and was simple. We changed to non-gmo grains because it was a high concern for our customers. We have noticed an overall change in our animals health after the switch. Our pigs and chickens enjoy the non-gmo supplement in their diets, along with foraging the pastures.

Pork Belly Sliced

12 oz. package

Pork Chops - Center-Cut

2 per package, 1.25 lbs Average - Final Weight Varies

Pork Chops - Porterhouse

2 per package, 1.5 lbs Average - Final Weight Varies

Ribs - Baby Back Ribs

1 per package -2-3lbs average

Whole Hog Goods - Pig Ears

Average 1/2 lb per package - Final Weight Varies