No Antibiotics

We have not needed to use an antibiotic on our farm for over 10 years. Instead, we give our animals plenty of space to roam the pastures, fresh food, and clean water. We also rotate pastures in order to let them rest and rid themselves of any harmful bacteria. We have a closed herd system to help eliminate the spread of diseases.

Chicken - Leg / Thigh Quarter

2 per package, 1-1.50 lbs - Final Weight Varies

Chicken Backs

Average 1-2 lbs - Final Weight Varies

Chicken Bone Broth

16 oz. of nutritious, savory bone broth

Chicken Boneless Skinless Breast

2 per package, 1-2 lbs - Final Weight Varies

Chicken Split Breast

Bone-in Skin-On, 2 per package

Chicken Wings

Whole Wings, 1-1.25 lbs - Final Weight Varies

Chorizo Pork Sticks

4 sticks per package - 4 ounces

Chuck Roast

Average 2-3 lbs - Final Weight Varies

Collar Cut Shoulder - Coppa

Average 3-6 lbs each roast

Cottage Bacon

12 ounces

Dozen Eggs - Jumbo

1 doz jumbo eggs

Dozen Eggs - Large

1 doz large eggs

Eye of Loin Pork Roast - Boneless

1 per pkg, 3-4 lbs each

Flank Steak

1 per pkg - 1lb - final weight varies

Fresh Ham Pork Roast - Bone-in

Average 7-8 lbs lbs each roast

Fresh Pork Jowl

2-3 lbs Average, Final Weight Varies

Ground Lamb

16 oz. per package